The Resurgent-class is a class of fairly small, medium-warp warships designed by the PlazWorks company and operated by the military of the Trident Foundries.

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The Resurgent-class is a general purpose warship, capable of both short-range combat, with a forward twin plasma beam bank and small plasma beam turrets, and long-range combat, with multiple fusion missile launchers, though excelling at neither. They are the backbone of the Trident navy, and are used in an offensive as well as a defensive role.

The Resurgent-class warship is a replacement for the late Brawler-class warship, which has been officially decommissioned as the Resurgent takes its place. The Resurgent is a more standardised vessel overall than the late Brawler-class warship. Offering a powerful array of weaponry, the ship is designed as a mainline light combat unit fast enough to evade incoming fire and strong enough to tackle foes with ease.

Resurgent2 beems 01

A Resurgent-class firing it's various Plasma beam weaponry.

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The Resurgent-class has a similar external appearance to other PlazWorks-designed Trident ships such as the Solaris-class and Independent-class ships, and also uses a smaller version of the company's V-Plate cooling system.

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The Resurgent has seen many new improvements over its refit period, including a refresh in the shield pylon array mechanism, now allowing the traditional Ommi charge array for the shielding system to boost more power into the shielding system all the time offering a larger shield capacity than its predecessor.

It also has a vastly superior thruster array that has been retrofitted to require much less power for better thrust output, allowing the ship to have a 2.5 thrust-mass ratio, while needing a significantly smaller amount of power to operate, even on the ships heavy-duty hull frame. In times of emergency, the power output from the thrusters can be cut to enhance the defensive systems to assist with a last stand scenario, though ship crews have been known to swap this around to save the ship in times of emergency.

The crew requirements on the ship have been drastically reduced from the late Brawler-class which required a crew of 10 to operate at full functionality at its end days; the Resurgent-class is part of the Phoenix AI program which has allowed the Resurgent-class as well as many other ships and newer drone models to have drastically less crew, so the Resurgent-class has a total permanent crew of 5. The move was questionable by some in the higher ranks, but it was deemed necessary to improve deployment of ships and pave the way for larger fleets with smaller crews.

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